Woodbury Urban Village Master Plan

HKGi developed the Urban Village Master Plan to outline a vision for a vibrant, walkable 240-acre mixed use district in the southern portion of Woodbury at the major crossroads of Radio Drive and Bailey Road. The Urban Village includes a mix of retail and office uses as well as a range of residential types built around a framework of parks and open spaces, stormwater treatment facilities, and enhanced streetscapes.

Working closely with property owners, HKGi created a development plan that accommodates more traditional suburban development and the automobile, but also creates strong pedestrian connections to major amenities east of the study area (such as Bielenberg Sports Center and East Ridge High School), as well as within the developments commercial and residential areas.

HKGi worked closely with project engineers to better understand a range of stormwater treatment options and to efficiently utilize the land for development while providing sustainable solutions to infiltration and stormwater treatment.


  • Mixture of greenfield and brownfield development
  • Since plan approval, project area is nearing full buildout with a generous housing mix that includes senior housing, market rate rental, owner-occupied townhomes and single-family homes
  • Neighborhood commercial and office development implemented
  • Stormwater approach has been applied to new developments elsewhere in the city


Woodbury, Minnesota


City of Woodbury


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