Winona Zoning Code

HKGi conducted a review and rewrite of the City of Winona’s subdivision code, zoning code and map, and site plan ordinance to modernize the code in accordance with the City’s most recent comprehensive plan. The City’s ordinance was extremely dated, so HKGi worked with City staff over the course of the two year project to combine the different components into a modern Unified Development Code.
The client’s goals included:

  • Modernizing the code;
  • Incorporating form-based and design standard strategies for downtown Winona;
  • Including illustrations and graphics in the code to facilitate a better understanding of code requirements;
  • Establishing mixed-use zoning districts and regulations; and
  • Integrating consideration of Winona’s natural setting and its impact on greenfield development into the code.

HKGi responded with producing a reorganized, more user-friendly hybrid code featuring illustrations to aid in communication; an executive summary to highlight code changes and features; and an extensive public participation process to ensure that members of the public had a voice throughout the planning process.


Graphics-based approach to illustrate and demonstrate topics such as building design and site standards

User-friendly executive summary communicates key topics and revisions

Created guidelines to enable new-to-Winona development forms, especially downtown


Winona, Minnesota


City of Winona

New Forms of Development

The updated Unified Development Code facilitated the creation of new types of development in the downtown area. Examples include the new headquarters for Fastenal (image shown) and the Main Square development, which features apartments, luxury suites, restaurants, office, and retail land uses.