Veteran’s Memorial Park

HKGi worked with the City of Chaska and VFW Post #1731 to develop a new park that provides an appropriate tribute to service members yet also respects those members’ desire for the park to be a place where people come together to celebrate, relax and remember.

The park’s focal point is a Service Memorial plaza with flag standards and Armed Forces monuments. The plaza hosts the City’s annual Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day commemorations. A Memorial Grove of Serviceberry trees leads to the Remembrance Clearing, whose dramatically lit sculptures will be visible from Fireman’s Park on the other side of the lake.  Play elements include a picnic lawn, horseshoe pits, archery range, and an obstacle course-themed play area.

HKGi worked closely with the stakeholders to create the final design for the park, and provided construction administration services.  Because of the unique nature of several of the park’s furnishings and features, HKGi conducted a substantial amount of research, worked with vendors to custom-design and fabricate memorial and display elements, and coordinated with construction and installation contractors to ensure the final product remained true to the initial concepts and spirit of the park.


Park features a Service Memorial Plaza and an Archery Range

Extensive engagement with VFW, a key project partner

Storytelling interpretive elements to highlight service members’ stories and shared experiences


Chaska, Minnesota


City of Chaska

HKGi’s concept included several remembrance-themed features including a Service Plaza and a Coin Check display that will allow veterans to share their stories via a social media #ChaskaCoinCheck. Some of the park’s more unique design details include re-use of shell casings as mounting pegs and lighting fixtures. HKGi’s designers worked with custom-fabricators to integrate these unique designs into the park.

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