Storm Lake 2030 Comprehensive Plan

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The City of Storm Lake is a growth center located in north central Iowa. It is the home to one of Iowa’s largest natural lakes, Storm Lake. The city adopted a comprehensive plan in 2004. A number of initiatives came out of the plan and the City has continued to experience tremendous change, particularly in its demographic composition. The community is home to a wide diversity of immigrant populations ranging from Hispanic, African, Hmong, Sudanese and a number of Micronesian communities. The draw for many of these immigrants is the presence of two meat packing plants in the community.

In 2011, the City recognized a need to update is comprehensive plan in order to address a number of emerging challenges. HKGi led a multi-disciplinary team through the planning process, which included an extensive public engagement process that reached far into the community to understand the dynamics of a diverse population group and to be able to help shape a plan around a common vision for the community.

The plan has a heavy focus on ways to improve the quality of life in the community, exploring innovative economic development strategies that bring out the strengths and assets of Storm Lake. The strategies include a focus on park and recreation draws, entrepreneurship, arts and culture, trail/sidewalk connectivity and creative approaches to diversifying the housing stock to support continued growth in the community.


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