St. Louis River Estuary National Water Trail Master Plan

HKGi led a planning process to craft a vision, collect supporting data, and develop a master plan to support a request to designate the St. Louis River Estuary as a National Water Trail. The process included extensive mapping and research; community engagement including a two-day visioning workshop; establishment of water trail goals related to recreation, education, conservation, promotion and outreach, facilities and maintenance, and future planning; identification of current and potential recreational facilities and opportunities; and ultimately, a formal application to the National Parks Service.

As part of the planning process, HKGi classified different types of user groups for the water trail (birders, nature oriented paddlers, exercise oriented paddlers, motorized boaters) and also identified and detailed eleven water trail routes, classifying each according to both the skill level required and the user segments likely to use each trail. An inventory of support features, potential partnerships (user groups, outfitters, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and conservation groups), and funding/grant opportunities are also included as part of the master plan.


Hosted a 2-day workshop that provided valuable information on Estuary segments

Estuary segments classified and named according to the unique experience each segment provides

Master plan provided the basis for official recognition as a National Water Trail by the National Parks System



Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin


City of Duluth and City of Superior


ASLA-MN 2017 Merit Award for Planning and Urban Design

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