St. Francis Downtown Redevelopment Plan

Since 2016, HKGi has provided the City with planning assistance both on a day-to-day basis as well as on individual comprehensive and downtown planning initiatives. Most recently, HKGi has helped the City write and implement zoning ordinance revisions and promote a redevelopment initiative at Bridge Street just east of the Rum River.

Currently, the downtown area is easily overlooked and difficult to access due to Highway 47, which skirts the edge of downtown. The Downtown Master Plan provides a plan for a safer, more prominent intersection at Highway 47 and Bridge Street. The master plan also identifies no less than six sites for infill housing development, which will provide housing options and increase the number of people available to live, dine, and shop downtown.

HKGi’s redevelopment concepts for the site on Bridge Street downtown take advantage of river access and potential trail connections north and south to envision this as a prime site for a potential outfitter and related dining and retail businesses.


  • Visualizations will be utilized by the City to attract development interest and illustrate the community’s desired development character
  • Zoning ordinance revisions and design guidelines to increase the character of the built environment in the downtown area


St. Francis, Minnesota


City of St. Francis

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