Sherburne County Comprehensive Plan

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HKGi recently updated Sherburne County‚Äôs Comprehensive Land Use Plan and created the county’s first ever Parks and Recreation System Plan. Plan updates and assumptions are being based on qualitative (e.g., public input) and quantitative data sets such as the 2020 Census, 2017 Agriculture Census, CoStar Data, Esri Business Analysis, and 2060 State Demographer projections. HKGi also used detailed data analytics to create a set of metrics to guide more thoughtful policy conversations.

HKGi’s data analysis was leveraged to better understand the following trends in Sherburne County:

  • Housing: Understand areas of poverty (home location) and primary destination (work location).
  • Parks/Recreation: Understand users and high-level visitor information. We can analyze where visitors are coming from (home location) and look at changes over the years and seasonal changes.
  • Transportation: Understand mobility changes (work/home location) as a result of COVID.
  • Tourism/Economic Development: Understand who is visiting Sherburne County.
  • Freight: Understand freight generators, commercial traffic, and pass-through traffic.
  • Multi-Modal: Understand bus, rail, pedestrian, and bicycle movement to and from activity centers.


Sherburne County, Minnesota


Sherburne County

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