Le Sueur 2040 Comprehensive Plan

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Le Sueur is a small, agricultural town (population 4,000+) situated on the Minnesota River a little less than an hour west of Minneapolis and thirty miles from Mankato to the south. The city’s population growth has been steady for the past 25 years, and the city enjoys a fairly strong employment climate for its size, with over 3,000 jobs located in Le Sueur. The city also enjoys access to the natural resources found in the Minnesota River Valley; the river’s floodplain creates a buffer of undevelopable land that remains preserved in a natural state.

HKGi led the community through the comprehensive plan process, collecting input from over 800 respondents and building consensus for a vision and set of guiding principles that provide a foundation for the plan and Le Sueur’s future. Highlights of the plan include new land use categories (live, work, conserve, and prosper) that reflect conservation and economic objectives; case studies to provide inspiration and guidance as the City seeks to implement the plan’s 26 goals; and a set of Project Ideas that identify potential projects in greater detail to help spark implementation.


Creative implementation initiatives to spark inspiration within the community

Project Ideas include potential funding sources, responsible agencies, cost expectations, initiative priority

Emphasis on developing cost effective implementation initiatives that are feasible and can build momentum for larger initiatives


Le Sueur, Minnesota


City of Le Sueur

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