Kasson Upward 2040 Comprehensive Plan

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For several years HKGi has provided a variety of planning services for the City of Kasson, including developing Kasson Upward 2040, the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance Revisions, and providing day-to-day planning services.

The city’s proximity to a fast-growing metro means that Kasson expects to see an increase of around 2,500 residents, 1,000 new homes and 1,000 new employment opportunities in the next twenty years. The Kasson Upward 2040 Plan will provide guidance for investments and other policy decisions as the community grows. The Zoning Ordinance revision project will align zoning with the future land uses identified in the Comprehensive Plan. These uses include flexible growth areas and business park districts such as an Eco/Tech District, an Agricultural District, and a Highway 14 District as well as revisions to to encourage greater development of life-cycle housing, which will allow residents to stay in the community as their housing needs change.

HKGi’s general planning services to the City include review of development applications and reporting to City staff.


Comprehensive Plan direction includes the establishment of flexible growth areas

New business park designations will include Eco/Tech, Agricultural, and Highway 14 Districts

Facilitate development of life-cycle housing and locally-grown economic development


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City of Kasson

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