Golden Valley Downtown Redevelopment Plan

HKGi led a multi-disciplinary team through a planning process to identify a redevelopment scenario for Golden Valley’s downtown area just north of the intersection of Hwy. 55 and Winnetka Avenue. The area is currently home to a mixture of uses including residential, retail, office, and civic facilities. The Luce Line Regional Trail and Bassett Creek also skirt the northern edge of the project area and can serve as outdoor amenities that draw people to the area.

HKGi’s initial phase involved exploring a variety of redevelopment scenarios for each of the four study quadrants on either side of Winnetka. These explorations included not only land uses but also stormwater management features, open space improvements, and transportation network enhancements to improve pedestrian and bicycle access to the downtown and movement through the study area.

HKGi’s engagement effort also laid the foundation for new partnerships between businesses, residents, the City and community organizations.


Implementation includes construction of a new 300-unit multi-family building (spring 2024) on the west end of the project area. This site was a target catalyst site in the Downtown Plan.

A municipal facilities study was subsequently conducted to further explore civic campus scenarios established in the Plan.


Golden Valley, Minnesota


City of Golden Valley

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