Downtown Chaska Master Plan

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HKGi led the effort to create a Downtown Master Plan for Chaska’s historic downtown, which still retains much of its character as a past center for brickmaking and ironwork. The plan seeks to preserve and strengthen downtown by addressing existing land use patterns; identifying priority opportunity sites, redevelopment strategies, and streetscape and public realm investments; and improving connectivity, accessibility, and heritage preservation.

HKGi’s redevelopment concepts for several key sites has led to successful redevelopment throughout downtown. One site at the southern gateway to the city has been redeveloped as residential units. Another priority site, Fireman’s Park, has been redeveloped into a popular park and event center featuring a restaurant and curling center, while HKGi designed a new Veteran’s Memorial Park nearby. HKGi has also led site redevelopment planning for a third redevelopment site, City Square West.

In addition to redevelopment planning, HKGi has conducted site feasibility studies, park planning and design, wayfinding design, zoning and design guideline revisions, and trail planning services.


The plan has sparked several redevelopment initiatives in and around downtown

Concept plan for Firemen’s Park formed a starting point for subsequent redevelopment planning

Provided strategies to strengthen downtown’s historic character


Chaska, Minnesota


City of Chaska


MN APA 2014 Planning in Context and 2017 Success Stories in Implementation Awards

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