Dakota County Planning Services

Comprehensive Plan

Click here to see the 2040 Comprehensive Plan report.

HKGi recently completed an update of Dakota County’s Comprehensive Plan for 2040. The planning process included an inventory of current conditions, planning and development initiatives, and demographics across the County, as well as land use and infrastructure planning, but the project has also included special emphasis on issues important to County residents and leadership. These issues are wide-ranging but include public health; active living and aging initiatives established by the County; a Critical Area Plan for the Mississippi River Corridor; multi-modal transportation; historical preservation; and natural systems.

Although Dakota County is a metropolitan area county, a significant portion of the county remains largely rural. This plan will help County administrators guide development while protecting natural and cultural resources that residents of the county value.

Greenway Planning

Click here to see one of the Greenway Master Plan reports.

Since 2009 HKGi has worked with Dakota County on ground-breaking master plans for its county-wide greenway system. These projects represent the first regionally-designated corridor master plans in the Twin Cities to intentionally combine the functions of water quality, habitat, linear recreation, non-motorized transportation, and interpretation planning. The master plans are rooted in the directives outlined in the Dakota County Greenway Collaborative Guidebook, developed by HKGi. Since completing the Guidebook, HKGi has developed master plans for 10 of the network’s 11 greenways.  The projects exemplify HKGi’s long-standing approach to infusing ecological functions into community planning and infrastructure investments.

Grant Writing

Since 2010 HKGi has provided grant writing services to assist Dakota County in securing funding for active living and multi-modal transportation improvement initiatives.  To date we have helped the county secure $23 million.  Those funds have primarily been used to complete smaller scale, but nonetheless critical improvement projects that close connectivity gaps in trails, greenways, and bike-ped infrastructure or provide access to parks, trails, greenways, and waterways.

HKGi has provided similar grant writing services for other clients, with the focus being on active living and bike-ped infrastructure and on other community development topics.  To date HKGi has helped clients secure more than $37 million in federal, state, and local grants.


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