Chaska Comprehensive Planning

HKGi completed a major update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan in 2010 and then another update in 2018. In each case, HKGi’s planning process engaged the community in updating policies and identifying key initiatives important to the City. These items include:

  • continuing revitalization of the historic downtown;
  • planning for major regional transportation infrastructure changes;
  • creation of a land use pattern that accommodates future growth for sustainable residential neighborhoods and employment centers;
  • taking a progressive approach toward energy efficiency;
  • designing a connected transportation system that integrates park and trail systems and development nodes;
  • preservation of the surrounding Chaska Greenbelt through open space and residential conservation design techniques.

The Comprehensive Plan led to creation of a Downtown Master Plan and a Growth Plan for southwest Chaska. With several implementation initiatives accomplished from the 2010 plan, the most recent planning process establishes new future direction for the community.


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