West Side Flats Master Plan and Design Guidelines

Saint Paul, MN

The West Side Flats is a 150-acre site located at the heart of the Mississippi Riverfront across from downtown Saint Paul. The area has been the subject of multiple planning efforts for two decades, but the City recognized the need to create a master plan that would reflect the evolution of the area and the City's vision for its river corridor. HKGi was retained by the City to lead the process to create a master plan and development guidelines that would guide redevelopment in the project area for the next several decades.

The plan envisions a 21st Century urban village in which people can live, work, and play. Land uses include residential, office, and commercial/light industrial as well as new parkland and open spaces along the river and through important corridors in the area.

The plan also integrates innovative green infrastructure techniques into the urban setting via streets and park features as a way to treat storm water and improve water quality for the riverfront area. Multi-modal streets connect the area to trails and to the riverfront, creating a friendly environment for walking, cycling, and transit use in addition to providing for automobile circulation.

Finally, the plan identifies a variety of ways in which public art can enhance the West Side Flats and transform the area into a cultural district that builds on the area's unique history.