Hutchinson Downtown Vision and Action Plan

Hutchinson, MN

American Planning Association, Minnesota

The HKGi-led consultant team created a downtown revitalization plan for the City of Hutchinson and the Hutchinson Economic Development Authority (EDA) designed to capitalize on strong community involvement, build on community assets both within and outside of the downtown area, identify a clear, concise and unified implementation strategy to achieve the vision articulated in the plan.

The unified vision contained in the plan was developed through an extensive community engagement process. HKGi's planners combined their professional experience and knowledge about Hutchinson with the ideas and knowledge local community members brought to the project. The result is a plan that builds on Hutchinson's strong sense of community, improves livability factors, diversifies the local economy, and enhances Hutchinson as a destination.

The final plan establishes a strong land use plan for the downtown, identifies redevelopment opportunities, recommends strategies to connect the Crow River and the Luce Line Trail to downtown, and integrates public art into planned public improvements.

Of particular importance to the City was the creation of strong implementation strategies based on feasible market and policy data. In addition to identifying potential redevelopment opportunities, the action plan identifies potential catalyst projects, potential policy and regulatory revisions, potential redevelopment and development incentives, short-, medium-, and long-term steps with associated budgets and responsible parties, criteria for success, and measurements techniques to assess progress on implementation of the plan.