Downtown/Riverfront Master Plan

Fergus Falls, MN

HKGi's master plan for downtown Fergus Falls identifies several key redevelopment sites that will help reconnect the downtown to the Otter Tail River, which is a tremendous resource that could attract more people to live and play downtown. The HKGi planning team identified three different districts, based on landscapes and character elements, within the project area. For each district the team developed strategies to address topics such as connectivity, gateways, river views, land uses, and opportunity sites. The plans also emphasize redevelopment that will accommodate new recreational trails and amenities that connect the community to its riverfront.

Redevelopment concepts for five key opportunity sites include a riverfront balcony and amphitheater, the revival of a civic mall concept, new mixed-use and multi-family housing, and new park and trail amenities along the riverfront that feature new opportunities for water-based recreation on the river.