Roseville, MN

HKGi designed and administered the construction of phase one and phase two of streetscape improvements for the Twin Lakes Parkway Project in Roseville, MN. The project had long been identified as a priority for the City in order to promote redevelopment of this core area of Roseville. HKGi integrated critical design features specific to a new park and ride facility within the project area and worked diligently with the project engineer in meeting a condensed project schedule.

HKGi was responsible for developing an overall streetscape master plan which included the vision of the parkway's character and its adjacent roads, trail and park connections, redefining the location of roads and roundabouts, identification of right- of- way needs, street and landscape lighting, plaza locations and landscape and hardscape treatments. The design incorporates unique sustainable design practices including stormwater planters and rainwater gardens to capture and treat street related stormwater run-off, and the use of an underground cistern for stormwater run-off treatment and irrigation purposes. LED lighting with dark sky compliance was also implemented. The character of the parkway is a friendly environment for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit circulation with the implementation of roundabouts to promote lower speed traffic and safe crosswalks for pedestrians.