Broadway Street

Alexandria, MN

This video provides an in-depth look at this project.

Broadway Street/Highway 29 through downtown Alexandria serves double duty as the town's commerical "Main Street" and as a major state thoroughfare. The two functions are frequently incompatible with one another, with high speed, high volume traffic often in conflict with the leisurely environment favored for a downtown commercial district. The City retained HKGi and Widseth Smith Nolting Engineers to work with community members and downtown businesses to create a streetscape plan that incorporated "Complete Street" principles to promote a more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly environment.

HKGi led the community through the development and evaluation of several streetscape concepts. The preferred concept that emerged from the process maintains the same lane configuration and traffic capacity, but uses bump-outs to reduce pedestrian crossing distances and slow traffic. Recreational bicycling is also accommodated on an off-street trail on the west side of the street, and a future connection to the Central Lakes Trail will provide safe access to the downtown for trail users.

Upon completion of the streetscape plan, HKGi and WSN designed the final streetscape and administered construction. During the design phase HKGi's landscape architects continued their work with community members and stakeholders, soliciting input about street furnishing, lighting, seat wall/planter, and paving options.

With construction complete, the redesign has proven successful and popular with the community. HKGi has since continued its work on Broadway, conducting the Missing Link study to connect the Central Lakes Trail to the downtown. Pre-implementation testing for the two-block trail-to-downtown segment is currently underway.