St. Louis River Corridor Neighborhood Park Mini-Master Plans

Duluth, MN

HKGi and EOR have collaborated on the mini-master planning process for eleven neighborhood and multi-use parks in the St. Louis River Corridor. Each mini-master plan includes an overview of existing conditions; a needs assessment; an inventory of strengths, opportunities, and issues; a concept master plan; and short-and long-term phasing plans with cost estimates for each individual improvement action.

Each park is unique in setting, context, use, issues, and needs. Some offer active recreation, others offer passive recreation and scenic vistas of the river. Combined, the mini-master plans constitute a long range plan to meet the recreational needs of the St. Louis River Corridor and the City as a whole. In conjunction with other parks and recreation initiatives in Duluth, these mini-master plans will create the recreational infrastructure necessary to make Duluth a regional recreational tourist destination.