Growth Area and Greenway Plan

Victoria, Minnesota

HKGi worked with the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) and the City of Victoria to study the impact of conservation-based greenway planning on development yields and wetlands in Victoria's western growth area. The MCWD and the City share jurisdiction in the area, so part of HKGi's role in the project was to understand where the two entities share common goals and identify strategies to advance those goals.

HKGi's planners created two development concepts, one Baseline concept based on current land use guidance, and a Green Print concept that would conserve natural resource systems and address storm water management efforts on an areawide basis rather than on an individual parcel basis. For each concept, planners calculated development yields by unit of housing and square footage of commercial development and also calculated the amount of infrastructure improvements and tree/wetland conservation.

The study showed the extent to which the Green Print concept would reduce the development yield as well as reduce the potential public and private development expenditures on storm water features and roadway construction. The Green Print concept would also reduce the amount of tree and wetland removal.

The results of this plan were used to create policy recommendations in Victoria's 2040 Comprehensive Plan.