Mound, MN

The Mound Transit Center is an important facet of the downtown revitalization master plan known as Mound Visions. The multi-modal transit hub, which is served by Metro Transit bus routes and is adjacent to the Dakota Rail Regional Trail and County Road 15, provides the City with a well-designed park and ride facility for residents and commuters. Additional site amenities include a Veteran's Memorial Park, a pond and water feature, and a potential location for a community farmers market.

Because the site is prominently located in downtown Mound and is near the Lost Lake Canal and Greenway, sustainability and evoking the City's relationship to Lake Minnetonka are important qualities in both the site design and the architectural elements of the parking garage.

Asphalt pavement was not used in order to reduce heat-island effects. Instead sidewalks, parking lots, and drive courts were built with pervious pavement systems, which also improve permeability, reduce storm water runoff, and infiltrate rainwater. In addition, several rain gardens and subsurface infiltration beds also treat and infiltrate stormwater. The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District points to this project as a model for sustainable downtown redevelopment.