Alice's Road Corridor Master Plan

Waukee, IA

In 2010, Hoisington Koegler Group Inc. was retained by the City of Waukee, IA to update the Alice's Road Corridor Master Plan, a 1,700 acre 3 mile corridor that is a major north/south arterial road corridor in the Des Moines, Iowa west metro. The project includes at it southern terminus a new interchange connecting to Interstate 80. HKGi partnered with Design Workshop (market research and strategy), Northland Securities (public finance) and City Staff to complete the project. The goals of the project are to update and confirm the community's vision for the corridor, develop a corridor master plan, align infrastructure investments with development projections and phasing strategies and establish a strategy that would help in the near term, move the community towards achieving its vision for Alice's Road.

The project establishes a long term vision that focuses on setting Alice's Road apart from other major corridors in the Des Moines metro. The vision includes linking key districts together through a passive and active open space corridor that serves as both a development amenity and a provider of key infrastructure. Sustainability is woven through and engrained in:

  • the mix of proposed uses;
  • the balance of estimated jobs, households and services;
  • the planned multi-modal transportation network including the idea of transit and transit oriented development;
  • the connected network of open space, sidewalks and trail systems;
  • strategies for funding of key infrastructure systems and public amenities.