Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Environmental Studies, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Hobbies and Pastimes

Mia likes to do anything that gets her outside – biking, hiking, skiing, and canoeing, which she took up when she moved to Minnesota. She also taught herself to knit when she was in Maine, and she likes reading.

Mia Colloredo-Mansfeld


Mia is a planner with strong knowledge of GIS applications and a demonstrated ability to engage stakeholders and work with them to identify strategies to address community development topics such as housing shortages, climate change impacts, resilience, and economic diversification. She spent two years serving as the sole planner for North Haven, Maine, an island village of less than 400 people. In addition to working with residents on several planning initiatives, she built the village a GIS database, from scratch, that will facilitate future community planning efforts.

As a student, she also conducted research on the Galapagos Islands. She used GIS, drone surveying, and engagement with local farmers to identify and document that farming and land use practices.

Awards and Activities

  • McNally Award for Excellence in
  • Douglas Eyre Award for Outstanding
  • Volunteer Ambulance Driver – North
    Haven, Maine EMS

Relevant Project Experience