Bachelor of Fine Arts, Iowa State University

Hobbies and Pastimes

Hannah loves to learn new skills and is always seeking out new hobbies. She likes trying new foods and local restaurants, sailing on the lakes, playing rec league volleyball, or discussing the book she’s currently reading with anyone who will listen.

Hannah Jonasson

Graphic Designer

Hannah provides graphic design services for the creation of engagement materials, plan reports, project branding, marketing collateral and other digital resources. Hannah’s contributions enable the planning and design teams to deliver strong visual communication materials to attract interest in the process, project a professional identity across all materials, and raise awareness of the project throughout the community.  Her work can also play a role in promoting and marketing subsequent implementation efforts.

Awards and Activities

  • MSP Creative Mornings – Twin Cities Chapter, Participating member
  • Venice Biennale – 2017 Iowa State University, Rome

Relevant Project Experience