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Jeff Miller, AICP, Associate

Jeff is an urban planner with broad experience in community planning, land use, urban design, connectivity and zoning at many scales - community, corridor, neighborhood, district, and site. Jeff has planning experience in the public sector (city planner), private sector (consultant), and the academic environment (university researcher) which affords him the ability to understand issues from different perspectives. Jeff has hands-on city planning experience with five communities over fifteen years. He served as City Planner for the City of Chaska and he also served as a Research Fellow with the Design Center for American Urban Landscape at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities where he focused on planning and design efforts for the future Bottineau Boulevard transit corridor.

At HKGi Jeff has developed a strong portfolio of work conducting downtown revitalization planning, redevelopment and transit-oriented development planning, design guidelines development, and zoning ordinance writing and revision. This diverse range of planning and urban design experiences has enabled him to develop a multi-scaled approach for understanding and solving communities' issues and opportunities. He is also valued by clients for his outstanding listening and communications skills, his easygoing manner, and his commitment to providing the client with exemplary service and outstanding deliverables.

Jeff has a Bachelor's of Arts in Economics from St. Olaf College and a Master's in Planning from the Humphrey Institute at the University of Minnesota.

Recent Awards

  • 2019 Minnesota APA Excellence in Community Engagement Award, 2040 Community Plan, Red Wing, MN
  • 2017 Minnesota APA Success Stories in Implementation, Downtown Master Plan, Chaska, MN
  • 2017 Minnesota APA Context in Planning, Eliot School Site Reuse Study and Redevelopment, St. Louis Park, MN


T: (612) 720.8311