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Bryan Harjes, PLA, LEED AP, Vice President

Bryan, a Vice President with HKGi, is a talented urban designer whose creativity, leadership, and problem solving skills have been key to several award-winning redevelopment planning and urban design projects during the course of his career. He has contibuted his urban design expertise to complex redevelopment projects throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area, and he has also proven to be a skilled park, trail and open space planner and designer. His involvement in a project ensures that the client and stakeholders will have the opportunity to explore and consider a full range of potential development concepts and ideas.

Bryan has also had success providing engagement leadership for several challenging projects involving diverse interest groups and strong public opinions. His strong communication skills, including his ability to listen to stakeholders and use their input as a foundation for exploration, has allowed him to build consensus even across competing interest groups. Bryan's unique ability to listen and then quickly synthesize and graphically represent ideas has allowed him to thrive in workshop and design charrette environments.

Working with numerous community development departments, parks and recreation professionals, and local developers, Bryan has facilitated, master planned and created implementation strategies and phasing sequences for redevelopment and park development at various scales and for a range of land use types, all the while maintaining his passion for context sensitive design, enhanced connectivity and creative urban design solutions.


  • 2018 ASLA-MN Merit Award for Planning and Urban Design, St. Louis River Estuary National Water Trail Master Plan, Duluth, MN-Superior, WI
  • 2014 Iowa APA Innovation in Economic Planning and Development Award, Merle Hay Road Gateway Redevelopment Master Plan, Johnston, IA


Vice President
T: (612) 252.7124