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Gabrielle Grinde, PLA, Vice President

Gabrielle provides project management and planning leadership for many of HKGi's park, trail and open space planning and design projects. She has been involved in planning for Dakota County's innovative greenway network since its inception and in recent years has led master planning efforts for several of the network's greenways such as the River to River and Vermillion River Greenways. Gabrielle's project experience also includes leading park and recreation system master planning, regional and community park and trail master planning, parks and recreation planning for community comprehensive plans, and planning involving natural resources, cultural heritage and public arts.

She is an excellent communicator and her ability to work with project stakeholders to develop solutions for community concerns has been a key to the success of several HKGi projects. Gabrielle has been able to leverage her creative problem solving and her design skills to ensure that client and community needs are addressed during the planning process and are reflected during implementation phases. Clients value Gabrielle for her dedication to providing superior client service and her efficiency at managing projects and ensuring that they stay on schedule and on budget.

Gabrielle has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Minnesota.

Recent Awards

  • 2020 Minnesota Recreation and Park Association Award of Excellence, Park Recreation and Community Education System Plan, Hutchinson, MN
  • 2015 Minnesota APA Planning in Context, Red River Corridor Master Plan, Moorhead, MN
  • 2015 Minnesota APA Innovation in Planning, Arts Campus Vision Plan, Lanesboro, MN


Vice President
T: (612) 252.7141