We decided to freshen things up a little.

Have you noticed our change? We are thrilled to share some of the details about our brand refresh, but before we tackle what’s changing, we’d like to share with you some of the things that will remain familiar.

Collaborate. Listen. Explore. Create.

A Renewed Commitment to Our Approach

If you’ve ever been through a branding process, then you know that some of the first tasks involve exploring who you are and who you want to be as a company. This work includes internal discussions but also, critically, discussions with clients and colleagues about why they choose to work with us and what qualities and strengths we bring to our work. The feedback our clients and colleagues shared during the brand audit reinforced our understanding of why they choose to work with us. They told us that our community-based approach—especially our emphasis on collaboration and listening—was as valuable to them as the knowledge, skills, and experience we bring to our work. Clients relayed to us that our ability to be flexible, creative problem-solvers means we deliver responsive client service. And they told us that our focus on helping them achieve their goals and objectives results in plans and designs better equipped to address the unique context and needs of their communities.

Their feedback has inspired a renewed passion and enthusiasm for the work we do and a renewed belief in our community-inspired approach.


But why a refresh?

Our previous brand served us well and our core philosophy will remain largely unchanged, but just like the communities with whom we work, we have evolved over time and will continue to refine our skills, knowledge and methods as we move forward. We believe now is a great time to refresh our identity by embracing a new look that expresses our passion for bringing new perspectives and creativity to our work while also acknowledging our firm’s past and its foundational values.

A "New" Name

With a name like Hoisington Koegler Group Inc, it’s only natural that we have been known by many shorthand names such as Hoisington, HK, HKG, and Hoisington Koegler. We’ve decided to simplify things (though we know old habits can be hard to break) by renaming our company, HKGi.

This name blends past and future, reflecting our desire to maintain a connection to the firm’s original name and to the values that have always informed our work. But as HKGi embarks on life after forty, we believe this simplified name, combined with the brand elements outlined on this page, will open space for us to explore new directions and new ideas that better suit today’s rapidly changing world.

A New Logo & Colors

Our new logo builds on our firm’s legacy. The square shape remains, communicating stability, but now the logo mark is composed of a variety shapes and colored elements. These different elements represent the reality that we integrate different ideas and perspectives in our work. The structure of our new logo also communicates other critical elements of our profession by symbolizing concepts such as the places, land usage, street patterns, and the physical and cultural mosaic that comprises our communities.

The range of blue and green values in our brand colors also represent the depth of expertise and service we provide. From planning to design to implementation, our firm assists clients in taking projects from the drawing board to the construction site.

We’d like to say thank you –

We’d like to thank the clients, colleagues, and HKGi staff members who provided their insights during the brand audit. Your input was crucial to this process. And we’d like to thank all of you for being an important part of HKGi’s story. We are excited to begin putting this updated brand into action, and we’re happy that we get to share with you the beginning of a new era in our company’s history. We look forward to many more years of success together!