HKGi believes that design, when inspired by the character of the people and the land, can create a unique and identifiable sense of community. We aspire to provide our clients with meaningful and appropriate community planning, urban design and landscape architectural services that create this sense of community. The following core principles are universal to our practice and are the framework for our firm's identity and design process:


We strive to integrate diverse perspectives into all of our work. We bring together teams of professionals that thrive on a studio approach to design and are passionate about the continuous process of teaching and learning.


In order for design to reflect the unique character of any given place, the natural, cultural, and historical values need to be heard and understood. We will continually listen to clients and stakeholders to ensure we build upon the inherent strengths of the land and consistently provide direction that respects the context of the project at hand.


By embracing the complexities of our projects we can create new solutions that bring obvious and measurable value to our clients. Our thirst to seek out new connections between people and the land is at the heart of our explorations and is integral to our design process.


Only by understanding how a planning principle evolves into a built community asset can we actually begin to see how our work affects the physical character of any given place. We will always strive to carry our conceptual planning ideas forward to built realities so that our plans can have a real and tangible contribution to our culture.