Mark Koegler, ASLA, PLA
Paul Paige, PLA
Brad Scheib, AICP
Bryan Harjes, PLA, LEED AP


Jeff McMenimen, PLA
Rita Trapp, AICP, LEED AP


Amy Bower, PLA
Laura Chamberlain, AICP
Kevin Clarke
Sarah Evenson, ASLA, PLA
Gabrielle Grinde, ASLA, PLA
Jeff Miller, AICP
Britt Palmberg, AICP
Jody Rader
Tim Solomonson, ASLA, PLA
Jesse Thornsen, AICP
Jess Vetrano
Eric Blodgett

Amy Bower, PLA, Landscape Architect

Amy has nearly two decades of experience as a Landscape Architect and also has prior training in industrial design. This skill combination results in designs that address issues of both functionality and aesthetics. Amy's attention to detail and her superior technical efficiency have made her a valuable project contributor, particularly during the detail design and implementation phases of a project. Amy is also an avid cyclist and outdoors enthusiast, valuable experiences that provide additional insight into her trail, streetscape, and park design work.

The results of Amy's work can literally be seen throughout the state of Minnesota. Projects that best illustrate the quality of her design skill include the Broadway streetscape in Alexandria, the River's Edge Commons in Elk River, the Osseo Central Avenue Streetscape, and playground and park designs throughout the Twin Cities metro.

Amy has a Master's in Landscape Architecture from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor's of Science in Industrial Design from the University of Wisconsin - Stout.


Landscape Architect
T: (612) 252.7121


Laura is a certified planner whose project experience includes comprehensive planning, environmental review and zoning ordinance writing and amendments. In addition to work on these projects, Laura also provides general planning expertise to several of HKGi's municipal clients. She is skilled in the use of GIS, and she has also provided planning support for transportation and civic engagement planning initiatives.

Laura earned her Master of City and Regional Planning degree from Rutgers University and her Bachelor of Arts in Geography from Macalester College.


T: (612) 252.7126

KEVIN CLARKE, Landscape Designer

Kevin Clarke is a planner and landscape designer whose work at HKGi has included comprehensive community and parks and recreation planning, land use and redevelopment planning, park and trail master planning, athletic facilities needs assessments, GIS mapping, and streetscape planning. Kevin also has training in economics, which means he is also a valuable resource for conducting research and collecting and analyzing data related to service standards and recreational or development trends.

Kevin was a key contributor to the award-winning Ironwood, Michigan Comprehensive Plan. He has contributed to downtown planning and streetscape projects in Alexandria, Chaska, Red Wing and St. Francis, and he has worked on several park and trail planning projects in Duluth's St. Louis River Corridor.

Kevin earned his bachelor's degree in economics from St. John's University, and he undertook graduate studies in landscape architecture and urban and regional planning at the University of Minnesota. He has also been active in the Urban Land Institute's UrbanPlan program for High Schools and Universities, and he has served on the Minnesota Design Team.


Landscape Designer
T: (612) 252.7143

Sarah Evenson, Landscape Architect

Sarah's three years of experience in landscape architecture have focused on green infrastructure, campus planning, and communications design. Sarah’s ability to translate ideas, data and processes into visually compelling graphics ensures that clients and stakeholders have as much insight into a project as the people designing it.

In her past work experience, Sarah created signage to showcase the Central Corridor LRT's stormwater management practices, contributed to sustainable landscape master plans for several colleges, and developed an operations and maintenance manual for the City of Minneapolis' green infrastructure projects. She cultivated a passion for planting design, urban ecology, and restoration after spending several summers designing raingardens and shoreline restorations for a county Conservation District and a local non-profit. Her award winning thesis examined how the partnership between an Urban Ecology Center and a community could transform a riverside brownfield into an ecologically sensitive outdoor learning laboratory and regional park.

Sarah has a Masters in Landscape Architecture and a Bachelors in Environmental Design from the University of Minnesota.


Landscape Architect
T: (612) 252.7140

GABRIELLE GRINDE, Assoc. ASLA, PLA, Landscape Architect

Gabrielle has a wide range of experience working with communities on projects from large-scale planning efforts to small-scale site improvements. At HKGi, she contributes to park and trail planning, conceptual development planning, document layout, and site design as a project designer and project planner. Gabrielle combines graphic design and analysis skills to create award-winning and clear planning tools for communities, including the Metropolitan Council Stormwater Reuse Guide and the Minnesota River and North Creek Greenway Master Plans. Gabrielle has worked on landscape restoration and stormwater-related landscape designs, greenway plans, community development plans, and interactive online planning tools. Her past work experience includes trail design, lakeshore restoration design, construction oversight, and park planning.

Gabrielle has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Minnesota.


Landscape Architect
T: (612) 252.7141

Jeff Miller, AICP, Project Manager

Jeff is an urban planner with broad experience in community planning, land use, urban design, connectivity and zoning at many scales - community, corridor, neighborhood, district, and site. Jeff has planning experience in the public sector (city planner), private sector (consultant), and the academic environment (university researcher) which affords him the ability to understand issues from different perspectives. Jeff has hands-on city planning experience with five communities over the past 15 years. Prior to joining HKGi in 2005, Jeff was the City Planner for the City of Chaska where he was involved with a wide variety of City initiatives, including historic downtown revitalization, development of the Clover Ridge neo-traditional neighborhood, and planning for the Heights of Chaska growth area. From 2000-2003, Jeff was a Research Fellow with the Design Center for American Urban Landscape where he focused on planning and design efforts for the future Bottineau Boulevard transit corridor. This diverse range of planning and urban design experiences has enabled him to develop a multi-scaled approach for understanding and solving communities' issues and opportunities. Jeff provides expertise in the areas of land use planning, small area/master plans, comprehensive plans, corridor plans, redevelopment plans, urban design, community visioning, public participation, environmental review, historic preservation and zoning.

Jeff has a Bachelor's of Arts in Economics from St. Olaf College and a Master's in Planning from the Humphrey Institute at the University of Minnesota.


Project Manager
T: (612) 252.7123

Britt Palmberg, AICP, Project Manager

Britt is a Project Manager and Planner who brings expertise in market analysis and economic development to his planning work. During his ten year career Britt has completed comprehensive, redevelopment, corridor, and neighborhood plans for communities throughout the Midwest and West. His knowledge of market and demographic trends and development and finance environments provides valuable economic insights that enable HKGi to provide clients with feasible plans strongly rooted in economic data.

Britt is a certifed planner and earned an MBA in Real Estate and Finance and a Master of City and Regional Planning from the University of North Carolina. He also maintains affiliations with the Urban Land Institute and the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties.


Project Manager
T: (612) 252.7127

JODY RADER, Landscape Designer

Jody is an urban and landscape designer with eight years of project experience in bicycle and pedestrian planning; park and public space master planning; and site planning and design. In addition to her training in landscape architecture, she also has training and experience in architecture, community design, and construction administration. Jody served for several years on the post-Hurrican Katrina rebuilding effort along the Gulf Coast, and her interests include health, equity, urban ecosystems, and stewardship.


Landscape and Urban Designer
T: (612) 252.7136

TIM SOLOMONSON, PLA, Landscape Architect

Tim's focus at HKGi is on 3D modeling, construction documents, graphic design, and GIS mapping. A recent graduate of the University of Minnesota's College of Design, Tim's Capstone work focused on the integration of gardening and agriculture into park planning and redevelopment activities near the Lake Street light rail station.

Tim served in deployments under Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom and has spent significant time abroad studying, learning, and interacting with a diverse range of peoples and cultures. His interests include urban agriculture, wildlife conservation, park planning, natural resource management, historic preservation, and systems integration. Tim has shown continued dedication to community improvement through his involvement with the Gardening Matters Coalition during the formation of Minneapolis Urban Agriculture Policy Plan and through his long term relationships with local farmers market organizers and vendors.


Landscape Architect
T: (612) 252.7137


Jesse is a certified planner and is a recent addition to HKGi’s staff who comes to the firm from the Houston Galveston Area Council. His broad project experience includes comprehensive planning, transportation planning, roadway reconfiguration, master planning, subdivision platting, and planned development ordinance creation. Jesse brings a user-friendly approach to ensuring that streets and communities meet mobility and access needs while being safe, inviting, economically productive, and healthy. He also seeks to reduce the communication barriers between local government and community stakeholders through his ability to translate ideas, data, and processes into visually compelling graphics.

Jesse earned his B.S. in Community and Regional Planning from Iowa State University.


T: (612) 252.7129

Jess Vetrano, Planner in Training

With degrees in both Architecture and Urban Studies, Jess is interested in master planning, urban design, and streetscape design. At the University of Minnesota, she focused her senior project on the facility and infrastructure projects built for the Olympic Games, and the ways in which host cities have evolved around these projects in their post-game environments.

At HKGi, Jess has become a valuable contributor to a variety of planning projects, including park system and park planning, comprehensive planning, and trail planning. In addition to creating GIS maps, she has also used her visual communication and design skills to produce open house and meeting materials, report and document templates, diagrams, street sections, and perspectives. Jess has also contributed her research and database management skills to the creation of a development database that contains precedent information for development FARs, use breakdowns, unit types, land use percentages, and other information. The database is an in-house resource that provides guidance for the preliminary form and function of planning efforts. Jess also contributes to the development of project proposals, meeting presentation and community engagement materials, final reports, and marketing materials.


Planner in Training
T: (612) 252.7133

Eric Blodgett, Marketing Director

Eric Blodgett has over ten years of experience as a communications professional, including work in the non-profit industry, higher education, and at HKGi, where he worked from 2001-2004. Eric directs HKGi’s marketing communications strategies, including proposal development and production, external communications, and online resources. He also assists in the editing of project reports and documents, striving to ensure that they communicate clearly in concise, reader-friendly language.

Eric earned his bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Texas at Austin, and his master’s degree in English with a focus on Rhetoric and Composition from Texas A&M University.


Marketing Director
T: (612) 252.7132