Rich Valley Greenway Master Plan

The Rich Valley Greenway Master Plan has been approved and adopted.

Click here to download the adopted Master Plan. (30mb PDF)

Central Greenway Connectivity Study

Concurrent to the Rich Valley Greenway master planning process, a study was undertaken to look at the greenway intersections and connections in the central part of the County. The resulting study document is available to download here: Central Greenway Connectivity Study.

Introductory Information About Rich Valley Greenway

Meeting Materials

Rich Valley Greenway Introductory Brochure (PDF, 11x17, double-sided)

Technical Advisory Group Meeting #1 Notes December 8, 2015 (PDF)


Technical Advisory Group Resources

Project Introductory Presentation January 7, 2016 (PDF)

2013 Dakota County Greenway RFP (In 2013, this greenway was preliminarily called the River to River Greenway. Since then, the alignment has been split into two separate alignments that are called the Eagan Core Greenway and Rich Valley Greenway. Planning is now taking place for the Rich Valley portion of the alignment.)

HKGi Proposal August 2013 (See note above. This proposal was titled "River to River Greenway," but the name has since been changed to the Rich Valley Greenway.)