Dakota County Comprehensive Plan Update DC2040

Dakota County is in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan (DC 2030). Comprehensive plans embody the County's long term vision for responding to growth, development and new opportunities. Comprehensive plans guide public policy and decision-making for roads, transit, parks, managing our environment (natural resources), and physical development (land use.)

State law requires that comprehensive plans be updated every ten years following completion of the region's long range plan update. In 2014, the Metropolitan Council adopted the long range plan update, Thrive MSP 2040. Thrive MSP 2040 serves as a framework to guide comprehensive plan updates for municipalities, townships, and counties in the twin cities metropolitan area. Comprehensive plans are required to be updated by end of 2018.

Metropolitan Council is forecasting that the 7-county region will add approximately 802,000 people, 374,000 households, and 489,000 jobs by 2040. Of the projected regional growth, Dakota County is projected to absorb roughly 12% of the population and household growth (roughly 100,000 new people and 50,000 new households by 2040 in DC) and 11% of the job growth (roughly 55,000 new jobs in DC). The Comprehensive Plan update will address how the County systems will be managed to accommodate this growth to maintain a high quality of life throughout the County.


Update Jan. 2018: Weigh-in on the future of transportation, parks and other resources in Dakota County. We want to hear from you. Please join us Monday, Feb. 5 at Dakota Lodge at Thompson County park from 5-7 p.m.

You can also give your feedback on the plan at the new online survey here.

Current directions and progress on the comprehensive plan can be viewed in the Comprehensive Plan Update Presentation

Update Dec. 2017: The comprehensive plan is currently being drafted and is in the "update the plan" stage. Check back soon to view the draft document.

Contact Information

Kurt Chatfield - Planning Supervisor
Dakota County
p. 952.891.7022
e. kurt.chatfield@co.dakota.mn.us

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